Saving the young fledgling puffins

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kids holding puffins birds

Every August when the little pufflings crawl out from their holes in the Westman Island, they can relay on an army of kids to help them take the right course to sea.
The adorable puffin lays one egg every season in a hole in the rocks they come back to every year. And when the young ones finally come out to embrace the sunlight and the big world, they can be distracted by the lights of the village. Hopping helplessly around deprived of ocean vistas is when they meet their little helpers. Every kid in the village goes out at night to look for a puffling in a need for a help and when day breaks the next morning this little army is seen somewhere around the coastline tossing the small puffins into air securing a safe passage to their future.
Iceland Discovery is just back from Westman Islands from a private tour where we were fortunate enough to see this jovial event and finding out that the stock of puffins is recovering after years of troublesome nesting season believed to be caused by climate changes. In addition we walked on the Eldfell volcano which erupted in 1973, got to see the award winning volcano exhibition, took a rib safari to marvellous caves and sea stacks around the island and finally got to spend the night in the superb Hotel Vestmannaeyjar.

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