The best remote places in Iceland


Standing on Latrabjarg on Iceland Discovery private tours

This year, you will not have problem bumping into tourists in Iceland. Well, it‘s a problem you don‘t really have to worry about in a normal year, either. But if you want to enjoy solitude … Read More

Is it true, Batman mountain in Iceland?


Batman mountain. Destination on Iceland Discovery private tours

On the very scenic South-East corner of Iceland, where the big glacier Vatnajökull meets some impressive mountain ridges and the black sand beaches, a mountain with the most curious shape caught the eye of the … Read More

The perfect private city walk in Reykjavík


Few people on a street in Reykjavík city

Reykjavík is just perfect for a three-hours private city walk. It’s enough time to see most of the highlights in the small, picturesque  and welcoming city centre, like the big church on the hill, Hallgrímskirkja, … Read More

Enter the mosquito free zone

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No Mosquitos in Iceland

You don’t have to worry about nasty mosquito bites in Iceland. How many good reason do you have to come to Iceland? Well, you can add this one to the list: Iceland has no mosquitos! … Read More

Adventure weekend in Iceland


Geysir hot spring exploding

Iceland is only three hours flight away from Europe and some five from the USA. So why not hop on the plain and spend an adventure weekend in the land of the Midnight Sun and … Read More