In addition to all the best hotels in Iceland, we have a wide range of private and exclusive 
properties to choose from. Depending on your needs and preferences, we will find you the best possible accommodation to suit you. Some of the properties we bring our guests to are exclusive and not listed on the net. We regularly check out the hotels we promote to see if all is in order. We are big fans of Kvosin, Alda, Borg, Sigló and Búðir to name but just few. Canopy is a new exciting option in Reykjavík and we are looking forward to see the opening of the 5-star Blue Lagoon hotel.



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  • Northern Lights over Hótel Rangá

    Hótel Rangá

  • Boutique Hótel Búðir

    Hótel Búðir

  • Icelandair hotel Marina