How do two moms pull off a great adventure tour in Iceland for their 15 year old boys?


Moms with their teens on adventure in Iceland

Here is how they did it (well, admittedly with a helping hand from Iceland Discovery):
After a long flight from the US to Iceland it’s best to take an easy first day and get to know the quint and picturesque downtown Reykjavík by foot. On day two: let the games begin! We go to glacier Mýrdalsjökull and kayak the glacier lagoon next to the valley glacier. That along with the fantastic waterfalls and the black sand beach secure an instant success.

Next day it’s time get to know the great character of the Icelandic horse on a riding tour from the Laxnes farm. After that, some walk in a tectonic crevasse, a water spouting hot spring and a thunderous waterfall.
It’s time for some serious chilling and what is better than a day in the new Retreat spa at the Blue Lagoon. Another big success. Again, in the country-side, and now it is time to explore the Ice Tunnel in Langjökull glacier and getting there we board a super-modified truck. Second exploration this day, the huge, unbelievable lava tube cave Víðgelmir.
It‘s time to meet a great guy in Stykkishólmur, the proud owner of a fast rib safari boat. He takes us out on his boat to explore the skerries and islands of Breiðafjörður bay, where we see the puffins up and close and the white-tailed eagle. Hey! What’s that trapped on this small island? A little lamb! Final task for this day is the successful rescue the lamb expedition.
After spending a really comfy night in Hotel Búðir it’s time to go back to Reykjavík but not after counting up to 40 seals on the shoreline next to the hotel.
Final day in Reykjavík, relaxation? Nope …. a rib safari whale watching from the port of Reykjavík. And the final note in this great adventure tour in Iceland is a minke whale breeching next to the boat.