Iceland may soon become the first Covid-19 free country in the Western world.


Blue Lagoon Iceland

As of today only 39 persons in Iceland have the Corona virus and the number is steadily going down day-by-day.

The measurements adopted by the Icelandic government and consequently, the fast recovery rate of the nation has gathered international attention. Iceland will be a model to look at for the future along with countries like New Zealand.

Restrictions on public gatherings were lifted few days ago, increasing the maximum number of people who may gather from 20 to 50 and the number expected to increase before the end of the month. Preschools and grade schools are operating as usual without any restrictions regarding group sizes or distance between students. Museums, movie theatres and libraries have also re-opened.  Children’s sports activities, too, have  been exempt from restrictions and other sport enthusiasts can return to their favourite sports. And to the delight of soccer fans, the premier division will start in June.

So, when airlines will be back in the air and people will return to traveling, Iceland will be among safest places to come to and an exclusive, private tour in Iceland will definitely be a safe way to go around. Hope to see you soon!

Director of Iceland Discovery