See a glacier, walk on the hard ice and look into a blue ice cave, before it may be too late. But do it responsibly.


Two men standing on a glacial ice

It saddens us to see the alarming rate of how our glaciers are disappearing. The melting is so fast that we can easily notice difference in the glaciers from one week to the another. That‘s why we try as much as possible to educate our guests about climate changes and the dire consequences they can bring if not halted. The more we are able to spread the word the better for the good cause of bringing correct information to the world. We hope every guest coming from our tours becomes a small, important voice and a glacier ambassador;)

The effects of the global climate changes are felt more in the Arctic regions than elsewhere. The proof of the alarming changes are here before our own eyes.

Walking on the hard ice is completely harmless to the environment. What it does, is giving the people who do so an incredible experience and helps them to be more conscious of what is going on in the world. But, here’s the deal, if you join us on a tour you either came to Iceland by a plane or by a cruise ship. In which case, carbon offsetting your travels is becoming essential. You can find out here. 

And since we are on the subject, we offset our emissions from touring by planting hundred of trees every year.

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