Wining and dining in Reykjavík. Our suggestions for a night out in the capital of Iceland


Crowd enjoying drinks and food in Hlemmur food court

Join us for the most fun bars and best dining!  Restaurants we like and go to regularly: Snaps for food, but mostly for the local vibe, and drinks, place we choose all the time. Sumac has great food, lamb, fish and veggies. Mat Bar and Rok, small plates — great food. Hlemmur food court, two words: Skál!(mention in Michelin) and Kröst (also great wine bar). We often mix them for food and wine. Austur-Indía, the strange and fruitful marriage of owner’s carefully selected herbs and spices (from India, of course) and finest fish and lamb from Iceland. In the heart of the city you’ll find these for casual smart fine dining: Apotek, Kopar, Food Cellar, Fish Company and then of course the pinnacle of the New Nordic cuisine in Iceland and the only one with a Michelin star, Dill Let’s do some bar-hopping: Röntgen is a new and popular bar. You always want to be in place like that! Miami is fun most of the time. All these places are all very close to each other, bar hopping in Reykjavík is quite fun and easy! Bar-Club-Party-like-a-local would be Hverfisbarinn. Happy at Pedersen is nice most of the time and then well into the evenings. Top floor with view over Reykjavík. Great on nice weather days. Veður and Kaldi can be good places to start the night as well as Pedersen (sometimes for mysterious reasons Pedersen can be quiet in the early hours, but you are quick in and out and the next watering hole will only be few minutes walk away). And then of course there is the legendary Kaffibarinn, but don’t show up early.