A day to discover the lava fields of Reykjanes and enjoy the Blue Lagoon

A walk on a rugged and barren lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula is the closest thing you can get to the moon! It will truly give you an other-worldly experience! Spend some quality time walking the lava fields and then go enjoy the Blue Lagoon.

It’s no wonder that the Apollo astronauts came to Iceland to practice moon walking. Your personal moonwalk along with a view of some active hot springs, black basaltic coastal rocks along with other curiosities, will make this tour all in all a unique experience, unlike anything you can find elsewhere.

Then you have the multiple options of packages in the Blue Lagoon, from the Comfort in the classic lagoon to the exclusive Retreat spa. Including a dip in the Blue Lagoon will make you have the most complete itinerary for a day.

In addition, this tour can easily be done with a pick-up or drop-off at Keflavik International Airport in time to meet your plane.



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  • Lava fields
  • Geothermal zone
  • Blue Lagoon


  • ATV tour
  • Lava tube cave
  • Special treats at the Blue lagoon
  • Reykjanes facing the North-Atlantic ocean

  • Blue Lagoon, hot sprigs and lava fields day tour of Iceland Discovery
  • Northern Lights over Reykjanes

    Northern Lights over Reykjanes

  • A nice day at the Blue Lagoon

    A nice day at the Blue Lagoon