This might just be the best Northern Lights private tour in Iceland


Northern Lights

If you are looking for a luxury Northern Lights private tour in Iceland, this is for you:

First night in Reykjavík to chill after your international flight. You have top floor hotel room at Alda with balcony, facing north with bay and mountain view. The most cosy place if the Northern Lights come out.


Next day, transfer to Hotel Húsafell in Borgarfjördur lovely country-side. See the amazing Hraunfossar waterfall on the way to the hotel and at noon join a small group and hop on a monster truck that will take you up on the Langjökull glacier to explore the Ice Tunnel. You’ll see the inside of the ancient ice cap.

Three persons looking at an ice wall inside the Ice Tunnel

The Ice Tunnel

On the third day we will take you both to the immense lava tube cave Vídgelmir and later to the new Krauma geothermal baths for some deep relaxing in the wonderful, warm healing water. We have had wonderful success with seeing the Lights at Húsafell so we’ll spend an extra night there.

Now it’s time to explore a different part of Iceland. First we go to Reykjavík, then take the plane to Akureyri, the picturesque town in the North. We are going to lake Mývatn where you have a great room in a hotel overlooking the frozen lake.Overlooking the Godafoss waterfall

Before returning South you will hopefully have seen the Lights (lake Mývatn is one of the best places in Iceland to see them) and you will have marvelled at the fantastic landscape surrounding the lake and the awesome waterfall Godafoss.

On the last day what would be more appropriate than relaxing in one of the world’s finest spa, the new Retreat at the Blue Lagoon. Ready to pamper yourself on a premium tour in Iceland?