The best remote places in Iceland


Standing on Latrabjarg on Iceland Discovery private tours

This year, you will not have problem bumping into tourists in Iceland. Well, it‘s a problem you don‘t really have to worry about in a normal year, either.

People walking on the edge of Látrabjarg sea-cliffs

But if you want to enjoy solitude and serenity in the most amazing places in Iceland, check these out:

The West fjords [Vestfirdir] in general, the highlights being,

Látrabjarg, imposing and high-rising sea-cliffs paradise for bird-watching. The edge of Europe.

Rauðisandur [Red Sand] endless stretch of an empty Arctic beach.

Lokinhamrar incredible coastal drive, with an expert driver and a 4×4, mind you!

Hornstrandir nature reserve. Take at least one day tour with our pals at Borea

Strandir, the road to the end of the world, where you will of course find a hot and nice geothermal pool!

Where to stay, to name but few, Sólbakki and Bergshús in sea-side village Flateyri and Hótel Djúpavík

The Dyrfjöll mountains and Stóraurd hiking trailOn the eastern side of Iceland you can experience tranquility and beauty like nowhere else.

Stay in Borgarfjördur eystri boutiquee Blábjörg and see the famous puffins colony. Close by is one of best hikes in Iceland, 4 – 8 hours depending on the trail. It will take you to Stórurð, incredible boulders under the equally impressive Dyrfjöll Mountains.

A view up the Studlagil canyon and columnar basalt

Another place inland, deserving a very special mention is the Wilderness centre. Stay there for at least two days and have Denni, the host take you to marvellous waterfalls, canyons and rivers.

If you want a complete private guide to the best places in Iceland, just send a line!

The Hengifoss waterfall and visible rock layers