Two of the most exclusive hotels in Iceland


Blue Lagoon exclusive Retreat hotel

More and more exclusive resorts and hotels are opening in Iceland.  Two of the best ones are The Blue Lagoon Retreat, close to Reykjavík and Deplar farm on the other side of Iceland. One is stylish new architecture with fantastic amenities for the guests and the other is, well quite the same but just a fraction of the Retreat in size and in the remotest of regions, in Fljótin.  Deplar is just where the mythical 66° lies through the north of Iceland. Beyond that line, man was not believed to be able to live in older times.

What we like about the Retreat is that the stylish rooms somehow manage to have an amazing view to the blue water and the mossy otherworldly lava landscape around the hotel. And talking about Moss, in other words the amazing restaurant exclusively for the guests of the hotel, the last stop there was nothing short of a culinary bliss. One more thing, when staying at the Retreat you have unlimited access to the wonderful, healing water of the exclusive lagoon of the hotel. See hotel’s web-site

Deplar farm exclusive Iceland hotelDeplar is just about as far in concept as distance from the Blue Lagoon as possible. Set in a beautiful remote valley in Fljótin, the guests of the 13 en suite bedrooms resort can expect heavenly tranquility if they want to, but can also indulge in all sorts of activities from fly fishing North-Atlantic salmons to heli-skiing or simply chill in the warm hot pool gazing at the Northern Lights. Last time we swung by, chef Snorri was creating an amazing feast for a dinner. See hotel’s web-site

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